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Johnson Screens® Muni-Pak™

Bilfinger Water Technologies solution to improve the gravel pack is the Johnson Screens® Muni-Pak™ screen. It simplifies the contractor’s work, improves the chance for successful development and offers long-term benefits. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and increased strength, the Muni-Pak™.

  • Utilizes a smaller bore hole
  • Eliminates gravel placement
  • Shortens the amount of time required to drill a well
  • Reduces development time
  • Has a thinner filter pack
  • Reduces overall maintenance costs  

The Muni-Pak™ uses ceramic beads or glass beads as the filter media. This unique concept provides a filter pack that is less likely to foul with bio-film and encrustation.

For more information on the Johnson Screens® Muni-Pak™ Screen please contact us.

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