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Quickloc Belled-End PVC Well Casing

Johnson Screens® Quickloc™

Bilfinger Water Technologies' patented Johnson Screens® PVC Quickloc system is designed to be quickly assembled in the field.

The male end of the Quickloc™ pipe is beveled and contains a series of circumferential grooves, allowing for the bell end gripper rings and O-ring to securely lock and seal the well casing to meet, or exceed, ATSM F480 standards.

Should the casing need to be disabled or reset, the engineers at Bilfinger have developed a tool that allows for the gripper rings to disengage so the casing may be taken apart.

Quickloc™ is able to fit a broad range of applications, including;

  • Water Well
  • Irrigation
  • Mining
  • Dewatering

For more information the Johnson Screens® PVC Quickloc™ system please contact us.

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