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Water Well

Water Well

Groundwater is a priceless resource lying beneath the earth’s land surface. Bilfinger Water Technologies brand of Johnson Screens® products has been at the heart of water wells for over 100 years. Our continuous-slot profile wire technology and revolutionary well screening has become the industry standard around the world.

We are also recognised as the premier brand in stainless steel and PVC Vee-Wire® (wedge wire) screens, environmental monitoring screens, casings, drop pipes, well treatment chemicals, fittings and a variety of accessories that are essential to building and maintaining an efficient water well.

Having published the Ground Water and Wells book series, Bilfinger Water Technologies is acknowledged as a technical expert in the water well industry for anyone that designs, drills or maintains a water well.

Johnson Screens® products are vital for:

  • Stopping sand production
  • Avoiding pump damage
  • Improving well and pumping efficiency
  • Maximizing water flow rate into the well
  • Reducing well maintenance increased well life

At Bilfinger Water Technologies, we do more than make the world's best water well screens; we provide you with the necessary design analysis and technical support to deliver an efficient and productive water well.

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