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Stop Logs

GEIGER® and PASSAVANT® Stop Logs are custom-built to withstand the rigours of different plants. Stop Logs are most commonly used to isolate intake channels at power plants, refineries, industrial plants or desalination works for maintenance purposes. Stop Logs are of welded construction, manufactured from steel plate and feature rolled steel sections. A pre-formed neoprene seal is fitted around the outer edge of the gate to ensure reliable sealing is achieved.

The Stop Logs are equipped with valves through which the isolated chambers are flooded, therefore the pressure is balanced, and the Stop Logs can be easily withdrawn. The valves are actuated automatically using the GEIGER® lifting beam so that there is no need for additional equipment such as spindles.

One-piece Stop Logs are normally designed for installation within the bottom of an intake channel, where an apron wall extends from the top of the opening to deck-level.

Multi-piece Stop Logs are arranged in sections above each other. For applications where the logs have to be positioned within quickly moving water flow, we recommend roller gates with heavy-duty rollers. Purpose-designed lifting beams and chain slings for raising and lowering of Stop Logs as well as storage racks complete our range of isolation products.

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