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The centerpiece of the PASSAVANT® Microscreen MTSM is a rotating drum consisting of mesh baskets that are mounted together. The mesh baskets are covered with polyester screening mesh. The Microscreen MTSM  can be installed in a concrete chamber or in a steel or plastic casing.

The PASSAVANT® Microscreen MTSM meets the growing demands of water and waste water treatment as well as the increasing application of membrane technology. By combining the advantages of the well-known PASSAVANT® micro rotary drum screen system-micro-giant - and the proven and tested Noggerath spiral conveyor technology, the MicroScreen MTSM excels through its versatility.

The raw water flows through the drum screen cage from the inside outwards and the debris sticks to the inside of the screen. The screen design causes the incoming raw water to dam up on the inside of the drum. If a defined differential head is exceeded between the incoming raw water and the outgoing clean water, the drum begins to rotate.

The debris intercepted on the inside of the screening mesh is flushed from the outside inwards in the revolution of the ellipsoidal screen baskets in the cusp of the machine. The retaining lips attached to the screen baskets prevent the collected debris from falling into the interior of the machine during drum rotation. The debris, (e.g.: algae) together with the spray water, is discharged axially from the drum via the inner wastewater collecting channel.

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