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GEIGER MultiDisc® with Fish Return System

Geiger MultiDisc® with Fish Return System

Fish return systems can be easily retrofitted to our GEIGER® Travelling Band Screens and GEIGER MultiDisc® screens. Fish return systems include specially developed fish buckets mounted on each screen panel. The buckets transport fish, cyclostamata and other valuable species in front of the screen panels to a water filled trough. The trough then leads to an area where the fish can be returned to the water source.

The sophisticated GEIGER MultiDisc® technology can also be adapted to include special provisions for gentle fish recovery. Due to the rotation of the screening panels on a GEIGER MultiDisc®, the fish buckets are emptied directly into the return trough, with a low drop height.

Fish return troughs and debris troughs can be independent or combined based on customers’ requirements.The GEIGER MultiDisc® technology is renowned as pre-approved technology in accordance with the fish protection guideline EPA 316b CWA to minimise impingement and entrainment.

To summarize, The GEIGER Multidisc® is a compact open channel screen system with a fish return feature that complies with 316b’s reduction in impingement of fish. This device has worldwide installations that have shown it to be a cost effective and simple channel device that has low operation costs. It is a low headloss screen which has no carry over risk unlike traditional trave(l)ling screen designs. 

For more general information on this sophisticated machine, see GEIGER Multidisc® Screen.

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