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GEIGER® Electric Fish Repelling System

GEIGER® Electric Fish Repelling System

In recent years the protection of fish, animal and aquatic life has become a key-issue for the design and operation of water intakes which take water from rivers, lakes and the sea. The new rules can affect intakes used for cooling or process water as well as hydroelectric power. In response a cutting- edge technology has been developed – the GEIGER® electric fish repelling system.

The basic technology has been developed in cooperation with the German Federal Research Institute for Fisheries over 20 years ago. The efficiency of the system has been significantly improved using a special optimisation software:       

  • Homogeneous repelling field       
  • Repelling field simulation for optimum design       
  • Automatic adaptation of the system voltage       
  • Changing pulse frequencies realized with random generator to avoid habituation effect and to attract different fish species       
  • Prevention of electrode corrosion       
  • Repelling field adapted to different water levels       
  • Low maintenance requirements and easy to service       
  • Proven and safe self-monitoring system       
  • Continuous R&D as well as the implementation of up-to-date electrical and electronic components

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