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316(b) Solutions

The final Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 316(b) rule was signed with the goal of protecting aquatic life in our lakes and rivers. It will affect 1,065 existing facilities (544 power facilities and 509 manufacturers) in the USA. The rule applies to existing facilities that withdraw more than 2MGD (315 m³/h) of water and use at least 25% of this water for cooling purposes. Furthermore, renewing an NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) permit requires 316(b) compliance.

Here at Bilfinger Water Technologies, we recognized the need for 316(b)-conform solutions at an early stage. Hence, the innovative GEIGER MultiDisc®, JOHNSON SCREENS® passive intake systems and the GEIGER® Center-Flow Travelling Band Screens all offer solid solutions and economical options that comply with the American EPA’s 316(b) regulations. For more information on the EPA's 316b rule see 316(b) Summary.


JOHNSON SCREENS® high capacity passive intakes screens are designed to flow water through a non-plugging Vee-Wire surface at a maximum slot velocity of 0.5 fps (0,15 m/s) to fully comply with 316(b).

With more than 2000 world-wide installations, this product has been applied to all types of water intake applications, including power cooling, desalination and industrial process water extraction.

There are no moving parts so little maintenance and no power consumption. Also because you are not screening internal to the plant, there is no waste stream to deal with.

The screen is periodically cleaned by a blast of air by a Johnson Hydroburst™system. The hydraulics of the screen are fully supported by Johnson’s CFD Capabilities  to aid customers in their permitting process.

For more information also see, JOHNSON SCREENS® Flat Panel Fish Diversion Screens.

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