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Fish Protection Technology

Fish Protection Technology

Fish protection is a key issue in the planning and operation of cooling water intake structures at rivers, seas and oceans, for plants that use hydropower as well as for river pumping stations.The flora-fauna- habitat guidelines are the foundation for establishing the protection measures.

Our fish protection concepts are the result of the latest developments in mechanical and electrical engineering combined with decades of our experience in screening technology. The perfectly harmonised measures ensure a sustainable use of surface water.

In the United States the passing of the EPA's 316b rule in August 2014 will affect 1,065 existing facilities. Fortunately, our most innovative solutions comply with this rule. For much information, see 316b Solutions.

Our fish protection technologies can be categorized into behavioural and mechanical barriers.

Behavioural barriers can often be relatively easily and inexpensively installed into existing water intake structures.
For more information on our technology in this area, see GEIGER® Electric Fish Repelling System and GEIGER® Electric Fish Immobilisation System.

Mechanical barriers reliably prevent fish from swimming into structures (using passive mechanical barriers such as moving screens) or collect fish as they are swimming in and gently return them to the water of origin (using active mechanical barriers such as travel(l)ing screens.
For more information on our solutions in this area, see GEIGER® Multidisc with Fish Return System, GEIGER® Center-Flow Travelling Band Screen and JOHNSON SCREENS® Flat Panel Fish Diversion Screens.  

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