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GEIGER® Claw Screen

GEIGER® Claw Screen

The GEIGER® Claw Screen is usually installed as a first cleaning step in water intakes and  at the inlet of pumping stations. This machine is best  suited to removing bulky debris and very large obstacles from a bar screen.

The GEIGER® Claw Screen with a travelling unit and gripper claw (claw bucket) operates on a monorail track between the bar racks and dumpster position.

Lifting and lowering of the claw bucket is rope-controlled, whilst opening and closing is hydraulically operated. The travelling unit construction contains all of the motors including the hoist motor and hydraulic power pack. Removed screenings are transported directly to a debris collector or perforated container, thus eliminating the need for interim transport.

The GEIGER® Claw Screen can be operated manually, by timer or automatically by a differential water level controller.

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