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GEIGER® Cable-Operated Grab Cleaners – Stationary and Traversing

GEIGER® Cable-Operated Grab Cleaners – Stationary and Traversing

GEIGER® Stationary Cable-Operated Grab Cleaners are installed as coarse or fine screens in pumping stations or inlet works of sewage treatment plants. In industrial plants, power plants and pumping stations, they fulfill the first cleaning stage in the treatment of industrial, process and cooling water. In hydroelectric power stations they protect the turbines. Their main purpose is the removal of bulky screenings and sediment material such as sand, gravel and debris, and hence the protection of downstream equipment.

Stationary Cable-Operated Grab Cleaners are highly efficient in removing even difficult screenings. Their intelligent PLC control enables them to remove even extremely bulky screenings or screening deposits in front of the screen by repeating the cleaning cycle from any position as often as necessary.

These machines are not only installed in new civil structures; they can also be easily retrofitted into existing plants. Outstanding fields of application are deep channels.

Please note that there is also a traversing version of the Cable-Operated Grab Cleaner available for multi-line water intakes. This solution can be a more economical alternative to several stationary machines adjacent to each other. Particularly in cases where the screenings volume fluctuates, it is beneficial to clean a number of bar screens using just one GEIGER® Traversing Cable-Operated Grab Cleaner. It does not matter if the bar screens are adjacent to each other or installed at different places in the civil structure.

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