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Bar Screening Machines

Bar Screening Machines

Bilfinger Water Technologies supplies a complete range of GEIGER® and PASSAVANT® bar screening machines for both coarse and fine screening of debris in the context of open channel water intakes.

We differentiate between coarse and fine screening, depending on the width of the bar spacing and the type of debris. Coarse screening means the first stage of cleaning for the removal of large or bulky debris using robust bar screens with bar spacing of 30 – 100 mm (1.2 - 4 in.). Bar screens can also been used for fine screening (as a 2nd stage) with narrower bar spacing of 2– 30mm (0.08 - 1.2 in.).

Bar screen cleaning:       

  • Is a fully automatic cleaning process       
  • Has a customised design and manufacturing depending on the flow conditions, debris type and material requirements       
  • Has a design operating life of a minimum of 35 years

GEIGER® bar screening machines are highly reliable, low maintenance and highly durable. The machines undergo constant technical updates and re-design procedures, standards that are maintained thanks to our continuous research and development.

Bilfinger Water Technologies has its finger on the pulse when it comes to using state-of-the-art technology, and is always aware of innovative ideas for products and processes, helping to provide individually-engineered  solutions for the customer.

Please look through our range of bar screening machines.

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