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Water Intake

Water Intake

Water intake screens are used to mechanically clean water extracted from the sea, rivers or lakes to be used as cooling water for power plants, process water for industrial sites or raw water for potable water plants, as well as for desalination plants, firefighting channels, drainage channels and irrigation offtakes.

Bilfinger Water Technologies’ offers a wide range of solutions, including GEIGER®, PASSAVANT® and Johnson Screens® that are used within various industries to protect water intake pumps, condenser tubes, RO-membranes, etc. Our range of products and services can be customized for open-channel intakes and passive intakes:

  • The GEIGER MultiDisc® Screen
  • Johnson Screens® passive screens and passive intakes
  • Cable-Operated Grab Cleaners and bar screens
  • Claw Screens
  • Revolving Chain Screens
  • Travelling Band Screens
  • Fish Protection Technology
  • Fine (mesh) and micro-sieving/screening
  • Cathodic corrosion protection systems for seawater intakes
  • Stop logs and shut-off devices
  • Spare part and installation services

The design of our solutions allows for lowest operating and maintenance costs, while providing maximum performance, quality, exactness and particle-free water. We provide your project with professional and comprehensive support to minimise capital and operational costs  and provide customised functionality.

The expertise and experience of our after sales support team is the cornerstone of our acclaimed services, which include professional and on-site support and consultation in all matters essential to your operation.

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