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Wet Services Systems for Trains & Aircrafts

Wet Services Systems for Trains & Aircrafts

Wet Services Systems for Trains

Our Railway service product range contains water technology for railway depots and train wash facilities. This includes supply and disposal systems for drinking water and toilet wastewater as well as units for water treatment with water recycling. We supply compact units for inside and outside areas. All systems are reliable in operation and intuitive to operate. Our fully automatic vacuum removal equipment, which evacuates wastewater from train vehicles odor free and without spillage, are hygienically unique.

For more details visit Wet Services Systems for Trains.

Wet Services Systems for Aircrafts

For airport apron technology our product range comprises of supply systems for drinking water, flushing water and toilet wastewater. After arrival at the airport, the airplanes are directly connected to the under-floor disposal systems. These are linked to central units in the terminal. The vacuum evacuation systems for wastewater work hygienically and are easy to operate and above all, reliable.

For more details visit Airport supply and disposal technology on the apron.


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