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Radioactively contaminated wastewaters from nuclear medicine are making high demands on the collection, the discharge and the treatment, in order to protect patients, medical staff, waters and air.  In the radioiodine therapy (I-131) particularly large quantities of radioactivity are released into wastewater due to human excretions. These effluents are subject to national radiation protection regulations. They have to be stored and treated until the radioactivity has decayed below the permitted limit values prior to release into the public sewers.

With our more than 30 years of experience in this field, we supply and install complete systems which are individually tailored to the needs of the relevant hospital. These systems range from water consumption control through leakage free transportation of vacuum sanitation technology up to user-friendly wastewater treatment in decay plants. 

Our supply and disposal systems for hospital offer the following advantages:

  • Minimization of water volumes and avoidance of spray- and splashing water 

  • Protection of patients and care staff thanks to user friendliness

  • Maintenance friendliness protects technical and maintenance staff

  • Automation and monitoring ensure continuous transparent system control

  • Highest reliability in wastewater treatment minimizes operational effort

We are a specialized company for supply and maintenance of all required approvals according to WHG, StrSchV and DIBt. Our own installation expert teams offers reliable service for emergency, maintenance and spare parts.


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