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Sewer Rehabilitation

Sewer Rehabilitation

The ROEDIGER® and AIRVAC® vacuum sewer systems provide a low-cost and highly flexible solution with a short construction time!

Sewer rehabilitation has significant advantages such as:

  • Transition from a combined sewer (wastewater and storm water) to a separate sewer at low cost
  • Use of former combined sewers for the storm water
  • Vacuum sewers with slight slopes, near-surface installation depths, above the former combined sewers for the wastewater
  • Installation outside the middle of the road in sidewalks and road berms possible
  • Section-wise use of trenchless laying by means of directional drilling  of the vacuum lines
  • Insertion of new PE-HD- or PVC-lines into existing sewers, small pipeline diameters, 4 in -10 in (d 90 – d 250) possible




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