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Digestion tower equipment: Digester tower hoods equipped with excess and insufficient gas pressure safeguards, gas removal domes, inspection windows, ball spray nozzles, agitators with floating cover preventers, foam traps, cloudy water vacuum equipment, floating sludge removal flaps and heat exchangers.  

Transportation and gas purification: Stainless steel pipes with related shut-off-control and safety fittings, gas compressors, ceramic filters, sulfur removal supplies and siloxan absorbers. 

Condensation management: gravel filters, gas drying systems, water pots and condensation sluicing systems 

Gas utilization: sewage gas flares, block heating power plants 

Maintenance: maintenance and service work as well as optimization of sewage gas purification systems, including repair or replacement of fittings, safety equipment, pumps, aggregates and pipe lines. Delivery of spare parts, installation and welding work as well as inspection of and consulting in safety technical aspects based on the latest standards, provisions and regulations. 

Refurbishment: Replacement of machine technical equipment for digester towers, pumping stations, gas facilities, repairs and replacement of system relevant components even while the facility is in operation, such as digester tower hoods.

Around 180 sewage plant operators are already enjoying the benefits of our service spectrum on a regular basis. We are currently offering a special promotional program for new customers.


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