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Landfill Gas and Bio Gas

Landfill Gas and Bio Gas

Our products and services

Waste disposal and recycling installations

  • Stationary gas exhaustion plants, as hire units and testing plants
  • High temperature flares with a combustion temperature of ≥ 1.000°C  and a flue gas dwell time of at least 0,3 s
  • Biogas flares for en environmentally sound emergency disposal
  • Lean gas recycling units by means of non-catalytic, renewable, thermic oxidation 
  • Biofilter units for many varied utilizations
  • Gas engine plants (block heating power plants) for the production of electricity from the occurring gas with an option for waste heat utilization

EMSR-Technology, analysis technology, planning

  • Process control systems, analysis systems, measuring data acquisition system
  • Complete planning for landfill extraction- and utilization units on the latest safety-related state of the art  
  • Programmatic standard and special solutions for new and existing PLC-systems


  • Leasing and operational management of disposal- and utilization plants
  • Landfill after-sales-service in old and/or shut-down landfills for extraction of landfill gas
  • Services according to self-control regulation
  • Preliminary examinations such as flame ionization detector (FID) measurements, subsurface air measurements as well as calculation of gas emissions and gas production
  • Gas extraction tests on landfills and former contaminated areas with or without own equipment
  • Optimizing of landfill gas plants
  • Maintenance, service and servicing of landfill-, sewage-, lean- and bio-gas units


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