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Treatment Plants, Landfill and Gas

Treatment Plants, Landfill and Gas

Treatment Plants

Sewage gas purification systems, Sludge digestion and sludge dehumidification - maintenance and service

The efficient management and servicing of sewage gas purification systems in sewage plants is more important than ever as it is a fundamental component of both equipment safety and value retention. This includes everything down to the downstream consumers, such as heating systems or block-type thermal power plants. Bilfinger Water Technologies will do what it takes to accommodate its customer’s different needs and wishes and is a competent expert provider for complete system solutions. We handles everything from planning to design, to project management and implementation to the provision of maintenance and refurbishment services.

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Landfill Gas and Bio Gas

Whether it is about landfill gas, biogas or sewage gas, we offer standardized or individual solutions for the extraction, treatment and utilization of your gas. Bilfinger Water Technologies focuses on customer wishes and needs. We are a competent partner for complete system solutions - from the planning and design, project management and implementation up to maintenance, service and operational management.

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