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Maritime Sanitation

As an example, our ROEDIGER® and AIRVAC® vacuum evacuation units and vacuum stations for naval vessels are mainly made of stainless steel to ensure maximum durability and long-life cycle. 

For passenger ships, where ships are used as floating hotels, comfort features are highly important. Here, the ROEDIGER® and AIRVAC® silentium vacuum toilets are characterized not only by the slightest noise emissions but also by their hygienic toilet bowl, which does not require a flush rim. At the same time, the toilet disposes of unpleasant odors, because the ROEDIGER® and AIRVAC® vacuum toilets dispose the wastewater with air. 

For each application, our ROEDIGER® and AIRVAC® maritime sanitation offers the right solution.  As a result, shipping companies worldwide rely on our ROEDIGER® and AIRVAC® retrofit kits for maintenance and consequently, improvement to their existing vacuum facilities.


For products in North and South America, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand:

Aqseptence Group, Inc.

Aqseptence Group, Inc.

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Aqseptence Group GmbH

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