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Maritime and Buildings Sanitation

Maritime and Buildings Sanitation

Maritime Sanitation

In the shipbuilding industry, vacuum technology has been well-established for decades as the most efficient and safest technology for the collection of wastewater. Our ROEDIGER® and AIRVAC® maritime sanitation sets standards in terms of sustainable functionality.

For more details visit Maritime Sanitation.

Building Sanitation

ROEDIGER® and AIRVAC® building sanitation offers flexible removal of all occurring wastewaters, starting from small plants with only 6 ROEDIGER® and AIRVAC® vacuum toilets up to a wastewater disposal system for an entire European Soccer championship-stadium for 70,000 spectators. Due to the flexible horizontal pipe routing in suspended ceilings or double floors, maximum space utilization is achieved. Our modular system structure offers adaptability to meet altering user requirements.

For more details visit Buildings Sanitation.

Kitchens and Laboratory Sanitation

The safe transport of wastewaters is a major consideration for wastewater disposal from kitchens, labs, hospitals and industrial plants. Here the ROEDIGER® and AIRVAC® kitchen/laboratory sanitation has proved to be the best choice for decades.

For more details visit Kitchen and Laborartory Sanitation.


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