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Bilfinger's range of Diemme® Filtration filter presses are designed for all applications, no matter how difficult the filtration requirement may be.  

Each press is individually designed to specifically suit the customers’ requirements and product to be filtered and industrial process.  

The Diemme® Filtration filter presses can include plates of different sizes, materials and design, according to the product to be treated and the operating conditions.  

  • RECESSED PLATES: Recessed Plates are filtering elements with fixed volume, suitable for most of the standard applications.  
  • MEMBRANE PLATES: Membrane Plates are filtering elements with a variable volume, so they can be easily adapted to special applications, for example if the use of solvents is necessary in the washing phases or if drying with compressed air is required.

For more information about our Diemme® Filtration Filter Press Technology please contact us.

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