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Quality control

Quality Control

During the development of jobs the laboratory plays a key role in checking the quality of the filtering parts (filter cloths and plates) and choosing the polymeric materials, usually through a chemical compatibility test.

At the end of the filtration tests, if necessary, chemical stability tests are carried out on those materials which will come into contact with the product to be filtered, in order to guarantee the suitability of materials used in the filter press.

IR Spectroscopy

IR spectroscopy is used in monitoring the quality of basic polymers and materials the final product consists of.

Air Permeabiility

The air permeability test apparatus is used in monitoring the air permeability of filter cloths installed on the filter press.

Charpy Impact Test / Izod Impact Test

Charpy impact test is used for both resilience tests of polymeric test-pieces and for checking if the parameters of the materials used meet Bilfingers'  project specifications.

Dynamometer For Tensile Testing

A dynamometer for tensile testing is used to check the yield point and yield strength of polymeric test-pieces and to check the respect of the plates manufacturing procedures according to Bilfinger Water Technologies manufacturing specifications.

Material Compatibility Test

Through prolonged aging tests, we select every material that comes into contact with the product to be filtered or with any corrosive or aggressive vapor. According to the material to be tested and the product to be filtered, we develop the best experimental procedure in order to obtain the best aging results as quickly as possible (weeks/months) and give reliable and meaningful guarantees on every replacement part.

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