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Experimental work

Experimental Work

Bilfinger’s laboratory has state-of-the-art equipment that analyses feed samples and obtains precise information enabling appropriate plant design. A usual laboratory test includes analyses on:  

Characterisation Of Sludge Or Slurry  

A complete characterisation of the product to be filtered is carried out by using the most advanced analytical techniques (XRF, XRD, laser particle size analysis, particle imaging…). Doing so, we get what is called the “finger print” of the products.  

Choice Of Conditioners And Chemicals  

Thanks to a broad knowledge and experience of conditioning chemicals, and the use of specialized equipment, it is possible to select and optimize the most suitable conditioner and dosing rate for filtering a particular sludge or slurry.  

Filtration Tests    

According to the amount and the quality of the product to be filtered, the needs of the customer and the parameters of the project, Bilfinger’ technicians carry out the filtration tests using the most suitable test unit between laboratory and industrial scale pilot units.    

This method enables our chemists and process engineers to simulate the performance of a full-scale plant to determine all the parameters that are needed to customise the filters press in the best way.  

Characterisation of Filtrate And Cake  

The analysis of the quality and quantity of both filtrate and cake allow the expert to monitor the efficiency of the cake washing system, tracing a target element both in the solid (residue in the cake) and liquid phase (dissolved in the cake-washing solvent), through a single-element quantitative analysis.

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