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Piston-membrane pumps

Diemme® Filtration Piston-membrane pumps

Diemme® Filtration Piston and membrane pumps are suitable for pumping particularly abrasive or corrosive liquids, whose chemical-physical characteristics are variable.

The Diemme® Filtration pumps are expressly manufactured for filter press feeding.

Piston-membrane features:

  •  "Total access" for easy inspection and maintenance of any part
  • Equipped with pulsation dumpers and instruments
  • Sensing electrode for premature detection of membrane leakages (optional)       
  • Ball valves
    Membrane of suitable-to-service material
  • Belt and pulley coupling
  • Assembled with drive unit on a common frame

For more information about Diemme® Filtration Piston-membrane pumps please contact us.

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