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Bilfinger Water Technologies has the solution for each problem of slurry, sludge or dewatering, as every Diemme® Filtration filter press is designed specially to the chemical-physical characteristics of the sludge.

The Diemme® Filtration filter presses are unique models suitable for all applications:

  • Corrosive Slurries: When metals are refined, it is necessary to treat suspensions with very low pH values. In this case all the parts of the machine in contact with the product are made of materials resistant to chemical  corrosion.
  • Toxic Slurries: In the case of filtration of slurry containing toxic substances, there is a possibility that harmful fumes are released. For this application Bilfinger isolates the filter press from the surrounding environment by means of suction hoods, which convey fumes away from the operator’s working area.
  • Abrasive Slurries: In the mining sector the slurry to be filtered has usually a high abrasive property, a very good filterability and a high feed rate, due to the high concentration. In those cases the machines are designed for example with anti-abrasive materials and filter cloths with high mechanical resistance.
  • Explosive Slurries: Filter presses working in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical sectors must often be equipped to work in zones classified as explosion risk areas. Bilfinger can design filter presses adapting them to these dangerous areas.
  • Low Concentration Slurries: In the case of "polishing", when the product to be filtered has a very low suspended solids concentration, the main objective is to obtain an extremely pure filtrate.
  • High Temperature Slurries: When treating very viscous products (for example in oily phase) filtration takes place at high temperatures (>100°C / >212°F). In this cases the Diemme® Filtration filter presses will be designed in order to assure the process safety and to avoid thermal shocks.
  • Low Temperature Slurries: In the food and beverage industry, it is often necessary to filter products at a low temperature. For this purpose our filter presses have some technical devices that reduce the heat exchange and assure the correct process functioning.

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