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Textile & Tannery

Textile & Tannery

The textile and tannery industry uses a lot of chemicals in order to obtain the end product. Water is fundamental for treating leathers and textiles.

Given the residual chemicals and the products dissolved in water,  wastewater treatment plants of these factories are an essential part of the productive process. By purifying this water, we obtain a huge quantity of sludge. This sludge mainly contains those pollutants that need to be dewatered and sent to special  dumps for toxic or noxious waste.

At this stage of the process, a filter press grants the lowest residual moisture content, reducing the volume and weight of the solid residue.

The type of filter press and the automation level depend on the characteristics of the sludge to be treated and all the configurations - semi-automatic, automatic, with recessed or membrane plates – can be implemented.

In the textile sector, some applications need the filter press for the recovery of effluents in the manufacturing process,  thus limiting the technological complexity of the wastewater treatment plant.

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