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In power plants, the use of water for heaters is crucial for vapour production. For this reason, water has to be purified from pollutants and suspended solids through a plant for the treatment of inlet river, lake or seawater. 

Sludge produced by the water intake treatment plant has to be dewatered. For this purpose, the fully-automatic filter press is mainly used.  Moreover in thermal power plants using gas oil or coal, fumes need to be treated since they contain sulphur dioxide and trioxide generated by burning sulphur.

In these cases, the fumes are desulphurized through wet exhaustion with lime and limestone, heavy metals and ashes contained in fumes, letting the sulphur oxides precipitate to calcium sulphate.

In this scenario as well, sludge is dewatered with highly-automated, membrane Diemme® Filtration filter presses.

In addition wastewater produced by the power plant comes from different areas and flows into a physicochemical treatment plant. At the end of this treatment, sludge has to be dewatered with a filter press.

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