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Mining & Metallurgical

Mining & Metallurgical

Bilfinger is the best partner for finding a solution to the filtration of sludge and slurry from the mining sector. We are able to satisfy even the most important and demanding customers in the mining sector thanks to our research & development department. We continuously look for the best filtration parameters and we optimise the filtration process for each customer.

Main Applications

Filtration of concentrates coming from beneficiation process after flotation:

  • Non ferrous metals (copper, zinc, lead, molybdenum, chromium, tin, aluminium)
  • Ferrous metals (magnetite, hematite, pyrite)
  • Noble metals (gold, silver, palladium, platinum)
  • Rare metals (osmium, ruthenium, gallium, germanium)
  • Coal
  • Phosphates

Filtration from leaching/purification:

  • Non ferrous metals (copper, lead, zinc, cobalt, nickel, manganese, boron, lithium, arsenic, antimony, titanium, cadmium, vanadium);
  • Noble metals (gold with cyanides, bioleaching gold);
  • Aggregate minerals (kaolin, feldspars, clay, silicates, quartzite, carbonates)

Tailings Filtration and  waste water treatment plant (WWTP):

  • Non ferrous metals (copper, zinc, lead, red mud, gold, gold de-cyaniding , coal)

Filtration from wet fume treatment (pyrometallurgy):

  • Zinc oxide
  • Various oxides
  • Arsenic sulphide
  • Aluminosilicates

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