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Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

The food & beverage industry was one of the first industries that started to use Diemme® Filtration’s filter presses, in particular for treating wine lees.

Our long-term experience, combined with the development of filtration technologies, expanded greatly the range of sectors we cover. Filter presses can now be used to filter and purify finished products such as beer, wine, apple juice and oils, with the help of diatomite.

Main Applications:

  • Filtration of wine must
  • Filtration of wine lees
  • Filtration of wine with diatomite
  • Filtration of brewer's yeast
  • Filtration of extracted proteins
  • Filtration of starch
  • Filtration of sugar (1st and 2nd carbonatation)
  • Filtration of purification of concentrated sugar with diatomite
  • Filtration of tartrates
  • Filtration of purification of pectin with diatomite
  • Filtration of edible oils (sunflower oil, soybean oil, palm oil)
  • Filtration of winterization

Moreover, many food processing companies use our equipment to filter sludge from physicochemical and biological purification plants.

Main Applications:

  • Dairy sector
  • Pasta sector/confectionery
  • Canning industry
  • Slaughterhouse sector
  • Fruit and vegetable sector

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