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Construction & Dredging

Construction & Dredging

In this sector, filter presses are used especially in the following three applications:

  • Tunnelling: This technique is increasingly used in horizontal drilling to dig tunnels. This technique employs a milling machine that allows the removal of material like rocks, terrain, etc. with a circular movement. The residues of this activity could contain pollutants. Diemme® Filtration filter presses can be used for treating these residues.
  • Harbours and rivers dredging: Harbours need to be increasingly deepened in order to allow larger ships access. Consequently,  finding close areas where to stock possibly polluting dredged sediments is necessary.  A sludge treatment plant with Diemme ®  Filtration filter presses is an optimal solution to this problem. Our filter presses can dewater large volume of sludge, thus reducing handling and stocking costs.
  • Contaminated soils washing: In highly industrialised areas, soil could be nearly polluted and the need to reclaim those areas in order to reconvert them is increasing.  The technique used for reclaiming soils is called “soil washing”, because in most of the cases the polluted soil is washed with reagents and cleansers developed for that particular pollutant. The final step of this treatment is the filtration of clay, the finer element of the soil, which captures pollutants.

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