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Second Generation Bioethanol

Second Generation Bioethanol


Our customer, an Italian company, had developed an innovative process for second generation bioethanol production. Bioethanol is seen as a good fuel alternative because the source crops can be grown renewably and in most climates around the world.  

At a later stage the customer sold a complete plant which included the dewatering phase - to a Brazilian company producing first and second generation bioethanol. The Italian company needed a dewatering unit that would obtain very low residual moisture content in the lignin cake, so that the cake can be burnt directly to obtain electric power, avoiding a further drying step.    


Bilfinger Water Technologies supported the Italian customer during all the experimental phase in order to find the best technical solution for their needs. After much research in conjunction with the customer, it was determined that  the best option to reach the values recommended by the customer were N.5 Diemme® Filtration GHT 2000.P19 filter presses.

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