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Metal Concentrates

Metal Concentrates


The client, based in Poland, is one of the leading copper producers in the world. The existing concentrate filters installed and operating at its mine are vertical tower presses. Although the technical performance of these filters is acceptable, they were expensive to purchase and have proven to have very high operating costs. For this reason, when the need for an additional filter arose, the mining company took an open approach and looked at alternative filter designs rather than simply purchasing another filter similar to the existing units.


The client recognised that the horizontal filter press design was a more economic alternative to the vertical tower press for its application without compromising on performance. The horizontal filter press design, as supplied by Diemme® Filtration was found to be more cost effective, taking into account both the initial investment and the operating costs. In addition, the horizontal filter press could guarantee technical performance equal to that of the existing vertical tower presses.

Thanks to its extensive knowledge and long experience in the field of metal concentrate filtration, Bilfinger was awarded the job and installed a Diemme® Filtration GHT-F 2500. This machine was developed specifically for products with high filterability such as mineral concentrates and is able to dewater very high quantities of mineral slurries while achieving very low residual moisture content in the filter cake.

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