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Edible Oil Filtration

Edible Oil Filtration


An oil refiner for the food and beverage industry in the Netherlands needed to upgrade their old manual filter press as they started to see a decrease in the amount of refined oil they were capturing.

The oil is mainly from sunflower seeds, peanuts, palm and fish. As the product characteristics and operational conditions (range of temperatures) are quite challenging due to the wide variation of oil types treated, the correct selection of the filter was essential for the press.


Bilfinger Water Technologies was awarded the contract to supply a filter press to the refiner. We now had the challenging task of finding the right filter for this press - a close collaboration between us and the refiner began.

Numerous tests and studies were conducted in the Bilfinger laboratory to determine the most suitable machine for both the purification (high temperatures) and the winterisation process (lower temperatures).

Drawing upon our vast experience and knowledge it was determined that two filter presses would meet the refiner’s needs;

  • 1 * Diemme® Filtration Automat 800.2600 Filter Press
  • 1 * Diemme® Filtration Automat 630.2000 Filter Press

The two filter presses supplied met the refiner’s specific needs of each filtration application with precise dosing of diatomaceous earth and activated carbon.

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