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GHT Filter Press

Diemme® Filtration GHT Filter Press

Diemme® Filtration GHT filter press is a high productivity press. The filter plates, which are hung from the upper beam, move automatically. This is controlled by a rapid shifting device which is equipped with a "carousel" system that reduces the opening and closing sequence of the filter plates to a minimum.

Four hydraulic cylinders placed on the plate pack corners ensure efficient operation and limited structural stress, even in the most unfavourable working conditions. The “cellular” structure in high tensile steel allows a perfect internal distribution of the strength lines, minimising stress on all operational situations and always work beneath the yield limit of the materials employed.

The health and safety of the operator is essential to us. The GHT Filter Press has state-of-the-art electronic interlocking systems and all moving parts are safe guarded. Routine maintenance operations are simple, thanks to the easy access to the filter plates, both for inspection and for filter cloth replacement.

The Diemme® Filtration GHT 2500 filter press is the biggest filter press currently available in the world.  This press is able to dewater large volumes of slurry reaching very low values of residual moisture thanks to its exceptional chamber volume and filtration area.

GHT Features

  • Fixed header - 4 cylinders
  • Laser (control system that ensures correct plate pack alignment)
  • Photocell safety curtain
  • Anti-releasing device
  • Automatic cloth washing system
  • Automatic lifting platform
  • Load Cells
  • Carousel lubricating system
  • Carousel type plate shifting
  • PLC (HMI  - Human Machine Interface)

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