Aqseptence Group



The world’s best screens deserve the world’s best support and that’s what we offer. Bilfinger Water Technologies provides installation, inspection, repair, assistance and supervision for major processes, including catalytic reformers, regenerators, LAB units, Paraxylene, Styrene dehydrogenation, sulfur removal, ammonia conversion, hydro-treating, hydro-cracking, methanol and MTBE.

For new installations, we will field a team of experienced welders, technicians and engineers to give you a problem-free start-up. Should a problem arises any time later, contact us no matter where you are in the world. If we can’t resolve the problem quickly by long distance, we will put a rapid response team of technical experts on your site to get you back up and running.

Our service teams include welders with extensive experience in TIG and other techniques. Their skill and experience means they can operate with little or no supervision under the most demanding conditions including confined space work in remote sites. And wherever you are, our worldwide facilities and supplier networks give us whatever level of critical material support we need.

For more information on our field service team please contact us.