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Vee-Wire® Scallops

Johnson Screens® Vee-Wire® Scallops

Johnson Screens® Vee-Wire® scallops are a highly effective means to direct inlet flow in radial flow processes. Compared to a single large outer basket, installation and repair can be much faster and simpler with these individual screens. 

Made of welded Vee-Wire® and rods, our scallops have exceptional resistance to bending, twisting or collapsing - all essential qualities when faced with extreme loads caused by expansion in temperature cycling operations. Buckling, a problem in very tall reactors, is virtually eliminated as is damage caused during installation. Once installed, the screens are easily maintained. Their special slot design virtually eliminates plugging. 

Johnson Screens® Vee-Wire® scallops have distinct operating advantages. Vertical slots, for example, allow the catalyst to ride up and down during operation without abrading. Slots can be as narrow as 0.3 mm / 0.012 in. to retain small-size catalyst. 

Despite the narrowness of individual slots, the scallop arrangement has a much higher total open area than a single large outer basket or perforated plate scallops of the same size. This increased open area translates directly into reduced pressure drop and enhanced process efficiency. 

Vee-Wire® scallops are available in any width or length, and in a wide variety of metal alloys. 

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