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OptiMiser™ Scallops

OptiMiser® Scallops

Bilfinger developed a patented screen system, called the OptiMiser® system that combines the process efficiencies of an outer basket with the installation and maintenance advantages of standard scallops. It maintains uniform bed thickness in order to make maximum use of the catalyst and optimise flow through the bed. 

Advantages include:

  • Installs easily
  • Creates high-flow capacity
  • Makes more effective use of catalyst than conventional scallops
  • Adapts to all size vessels
  • Stronger than conventional scallops
  • Creates a uniform thickness annulus for predictable process flow and pressure drop
  • Slots are as small as 0.25 mm / 0.010 in. and any size larger in increments of 0.025 mm / 0.001 in.
  • Includes system sealing components and cover plate connections

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