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Centerpipes and Outer Baskets

Centerpipes and Outer Baskets

Because of their high-volume flow and minimal pressure drop, radial flow systems are often used in catalytic refining processes. In its simplest form, a radial flow system consists of two concentric screens with an annulus filled with treatment media. 

The system efficiency is a direct result of the effectiveness of the screen internals. Made of welded wires and rods, Johnson Screens® centerpipes offer exceptional strength and resistance to collapse, buckling or breaking. Equally important, their plug-resistant slot design and high open-area percentage provides dependable media retention, high-volume flow and long service life. 

As a further refinement, slots on both the center screen and outer basket are oriented vertically to allow media to slide up and down during processing without becoming abraded by the screen slot edges.

  • Screens are most often made of stainless steel type 304, 316, 321 or 347. Other metals may also be used
  • Screen baskets and centerpipes are available in any height and diameter
  • Slots are as small as 0.25 mm / 0.01 in. and any size larger in increments of  0.025 mm / 0.001 in.
  • Cover plates, manways and other options may be provided as needed
  • Screens can be made in sections, so that they can fit through manways

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