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Johnson Superflo Screens


  • Slip-On screen which utilizes a finer wire thus increasing the screen open area with a narrow slot size distribution. This construction improves resistance to erosion hazards while reducing fluid velocity through the screen and also improves the sand retention properties of the screen
  • Large open area and lower entrance velocities allow a stable filter cake to form. Capable of handling finer, less uniform sands.
  • Cost effective alternative to premium screens in uniform sands
  • Direct retention for sand with CU < 5

Keystone Wrap Wire

Keystone Support Rod

  • Protective cover (shroud) to protect screen surface against run-in damage
  • Very fine wire for a very high open area jacket and an increased slot control
  • Additional support ribs maximize roundness of the jacket thus providing excellent slot control for better sand retention and prevention of filter cake build-up
  • Shrink-fitted recessed end-ring components are carefully engineered to give greater jacket protection during final installation

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