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Johnson Super Weld Screens


  • Advanced Slip-On pipe screen technology for superior weld strength and best in class slot control
  • Super Weld™ screen range may be customized within a wide selection of stainless steel and high-nickel alloys wires and within a high number of casing grades
  • Recommended for cased hole completion with short gravel packing intervals or for open hole completion in well sorted, homogeneous reservoirs

Keystone Wrap Wire

Keystone Support Rod

  • Improved pipe perforation with large open area to maximize production of hydrocarbons and reduce entrance velocity  
  • Additional support ribs maximize roundness of the jacket thus providing excellent slot control for better sand retention and prevention of filter cake build-up
  • Shrink-fitted recessed end-ring components are carefully engineered to give greater jacket protection during final installation


When bottom hole temperatures exceed 250°F, differential expansion between base pipe and screen jacket may result in loss of sand control. In these cases, a Super Weld ™ HT screen should be used. This patented product has an expansion ring on one end to maintain product integrity under high temperature conditions.

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