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Johnson Pre-Packed Screens


  • The Johnson Screens® brand provides customized pre-packed screens for a wide variety of sub sea, horizontal, direct retention for reasonably uniform (UC<3) coarse formations, gravel pack and work over applications
  • D-Pak™ and Muni-Pak™ screens are manufactured within a wide selection of wire metallurgy and for a high number of casing steel grades
  • Recommended for cased-hole frac pack and high-rate water-pack completions – For completions requiring a reduced-OD, pre-packed screen is the cost effective solution to avoid a complex and expensive gravel packing operation.
  • Johnson Screens® benefits: Dual  Vee-Wire ® screens with high open area for a better well efficiency
  • Extra strong Resistance: The thickness considered is the composite layer : screen+ beads + screen
  • Silicate/Ceramic beads: The perfect gravel pack in shape,  smoothness and permeability to optimize filtration and hydraulic performances
  • Slimfit design: With an improved Filtration Power, annulus size can be reduced down to 1in. only

Johnson Muni-Pak™ Screens:
Dual rod base screens with high open area for a better well efficiency . For Shallow to Medium deep water wells

Johnson D-Pak™ Screens:
Dual Rod base+WOP ( Wrap–On Pipe technology)  pipe base screens for high mechanical performances for deep wells

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