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Johnson Excelflo Screens


  • Multi-layer sintered laminate with a rigid pore structure to ensure sand control even under high operating pressures
  • Advanced mesh screen technology - Plain Dutch Weave pattern - to control a broad range of sand size with a very high open area.
  • Large media selection to provide effective sand control for a wide range of formation sand sizes. Micro ratings available from 125mu to 300mu. Johnson Excelflo™ screen range may be customized within a wide selection of stainless steel and high-nickel alloys
  • Johnson Excelflo™  allows an even flow distribution and reduced plugging rate.
  • Recommended horizontal completion in very fine to fine sands with some degrees of reservoir heterogeneity or in poorly characterized reservoirs - Ideal screen for multi lateral, short radius or other mechanically demanding applications - Stand alone screens completion in well sorted reservoirs
  • 14 gauge protective cover (shroud) to give greater multi layer mesh protection during final installation against run in damage
  • Sintered laminate structure to combine filtration performance (high porosity) and mechanical strength
  • Damage tolerant design to withstand high collapse and high burst pressures
  • High drainage with improved construction to reduce rate of pressure  build up and increase erosion resistance

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