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Support Grids

Support Grids

Bilfinger designs and manufactures a wide range of screens for media retention. Among these innovative products is a line of Johnson Screens® flat screens used in down-flow or up-flow systems to retain the often costly media and to provide a collection area for the process flow across the entire vessel as diameter or length. 

Because of their strength, durability and flow characteristics, our Johnson Screens® support grid systems are widely used in hydrotreaters, desulfurizers, molecular sieves, gas sweeteners and other adsorption systems.       

There are multiple advantages in using our screens for demanding media retention applications:

  • Extremely strong: made of welded wires and rods, they have exceptional resistance to collapsing or buckling even in operations such as hydrocracking and de-sulfurisers, where screens must withstand loads of 350 kPa or more
  • Precise media retention: slots can be as narrow as 0.05 mm / 0.002 in  to dependably retain even very small size catalyst, resin or molecular sieve. Despite the narrowness of these individual slots, the screen has a much higher total open area than grids using wire mesh on grating
  • Stable interface: unlike wire mesh, Johnson Screens® support grids directly retain the media without an intermediate layer of inert balls. The smooth surface of the screen reduces abrasion
  • Comes equipped with support beams, catalyst transfer pipes, manways, rope packing, bolting and all necessary accessories

For more information on our Johnson Screens® Support Grids view our brochure or contact us.

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