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Shaped Support Grid

Johnson Screens® Shaped Support Grid (SSG™)

Bilfinger’s Johnson Screens® Shaped Support Grid (SSG) is designed to be installed into the bottom head of hydroprocessing or gas dehydration vessels, allowing for better liquid and gas flow, bed utilisation, distribution and an overall more efficient process.

The Johnson Screens® Shaped Support Grid (SSG) design performs better than traditional flat surface grid assemblies that are located near the tangent line of the head to shell weld. With traditional flat surface grids designs, the entire volume of the head is a dead area, with no reaction or drying adsorption occurring. The Johnson Screens® Shaped Support Grid (SSG) lies directly on the bottom head surface, allowing for the entire volume to be filled with media. Increased bed volume allows for the conversion of existing vessels to achieve higher process capacity and new vessels to be built shorter in shell length.

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