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Outlet Baskets

Outlet Baskets

In down-flow processes, a screen at the outlet is usually necessary to prevent treatment media from migrating out of the vessel. 

This function is best performed with a Johnson Screens® outlet basket/collector. Made from 304, 316, 321 or 347 stainless steel (other metals can be used as required) the wires and rods are welded at every intersection. Our screens have exceptional resistance to collapsing or buckling even under extreme loads and high temperatures. 

The screens may be built as a single unit or segmented for installation through a manway. Slot size can be as narrow as 1.25 mm / 0.01 in. to directly retain small-size catalyst. Despite the narrowness of the individual slots, the screen has a much higher total open area than assemblies using wire mesh on perforated plate. This increased open area translates directly into superior process efficiency. 

Optimum performance of an outlet collector requires proper relationship of diameter-to-length and side-to-top open area. We can assist in defining your final design. 

Johnson Screens® Vee-Wire® outlet collectors can directly retain the catalyst without needing transition layers of inert balls. 

Special fabrication and cleaning techniques allow the collectors to be used in high-purity gas service. 

For more information on our Outlet Baskets/Outlet Collectors view our brochure or contact us.

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