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Nozzles are typically used in media retention vessels where specific flow and backwash rates are desired. Our applications engineers can recommend the number of nozzles needed for effective collection and distribution. 

Down-flow reactors can place extremely high loading on the media retention screens at the bottom of the vessel. In some cases, this can require a false bottom to carry the load. Obviously, some provision must be made for the process flow to pass through this plate. This can most easily and effectively be done by installing a number of screen nozzles uniformly across the plate. 

Nozzles are an ideal choice based on their combination of high strength, high open area and non-plugging slot design. Standard nozzles are 51mm / 2 in. diameter and can be attached to the plate either with threaded end fittings or with "L" bolts. Slot openings typically range between 0.15 mm / 0.006 in. and  0.50 mm / 0.020 in. wide. They are of the unique plug-resistant Vee-Wire® design, allowing particles to make only two-point contact with the edges of the wire. 

In other designs such as wire mesh, particles can readily become entrapped in the mesh causing plugging and creating a continuing maintenance problem. Johnson Screens® nozzles are most commonly made with 316L stainless steel, but a special spherical nozzle of ABS or Kynar® plastic is also available. Other custom nozzles can be designed to suit special process and installation requirements. 

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*Kynar is a registered trademark of Atochem North America, Inc.

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