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Distributor Trays

Distributor Trays

Our Gas/Liquid Distributor Trays/Mixing Chambers are key components in the primary refinery applications of hydro-cracking, hydro-treating and hydro-desulphurization. 

High-performance trays and mixing chambers provide excellent mixing of incoming gas and liquid flows. 

Ensuring an even distribution over the entire reactor cross section results in a uniform flow pattern and optimum catalyst performance. 

Made from an assembly of bolted plates and distributor nozzles/chimneys, our trays also include support beams, manways, gaskets and all the hardware required for installation and testing. Pre-assembly of the complete package is offered in order to make sure that all parts match together. 

Tightness of all joints is defined in the factory, thus avoiding by-pass and maldistribution of the flow in the catalyst bed upon final assembly in the vessel. 

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