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Vee-Wire® Screening Systems

Vee-Wire® Screening Systems

The Johnson Screens® brand offers a wide variety of screens for particle separation, dewatering, classifying and related mineral processing applications. Every intersection of surface wire and internal support rods is welded producing a very strong screen. Our flat screens can be fabricated with very small wires and rods for critical, fine-screening operations or with much larger wires and rods for heavy-duty operations.

Our welded wire screens use a surface wire that is vee-shaped in profile, creating slots that enlarge inwardly. This means particles make only a two-point contact in the slots and will not become lodged.

Benefits of Johnson Screens® Vee-Wire® screens are:

  • Great strength
  • Higher capacity
  • Reduced cost
  • Higher level of adaptability
  • Long wear/service life
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Greater resistance to corrosive conditions, high temperatures and pressures
  • Greater resistance to stresses of installation and cleaning
  • High efficiency fluid-solid separation

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