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General Industrial

General Industrial

Bilfinger offers a wide range of Johnson Screens® Vee-Wire® products that are used for food and beverage production, pulp and paper manufacturing, architectural and construction elements and advanced screening parts for OEM products. Our screens and equipment are integral parts in the following industries:

We design and manufacture many types of architectural elements that can be specialised to suit different construction projects. The ornate, yet-structural quality of our architectural screens, is a stunning component to any architectural or construction project

Pulp and Paper
Pulp, paper and recycling industries use our screens and other equipment for water clarification, cleaning, dewatering, pulp screening and fractionation, fibre retention, drying and other liquid / solid separation processes

OEM Screens
Specialised screens and equipment that are manufactured to meet the demanding specifications of original equipment manufacturers in various different markets and industries

Food and Beverage Processing
Specialised screens and equipment for the bio-fuel, corn wet milling, ethanol, malting and brewing, starch and sugar industries that allow for maximum production capability

Complete screen decking products in urethane, rubber and stainless steel. Diemme® Filtration Filter Presses provide the moisture control and sizing and outstanding field service support to make our products work for you.

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